Ancient building model preparatory work before make

Ancient building model preparatory work before make

First, put forward the intention, to determine the sand table making company.

Before determining the model company, the person in charge should have a clear intention for the size, style, color, etc. of the ancient building model to be produced, and then select the appropriate model company as required. In general, the larger model production company, can manage the model type and style will be more diverse, the production process will be more standardized and fine division of labor.

Second, to provide information, to determine the demand.

After confirming the model production company, the real estate manager needs to negotiate with the project manager of the model company in detail, the person in charge of the project model to clarify the production requirements, ancient building model style, delivery date, determine the required production model content, and as much as possible to provide drawings Information.

Third, track the production, make adjustments.

With the model company to discuss a good model of production matters, the model company will proceed to arrange production: the establishment of the project team, held a production meeting, the grass ancient building model to focus on the overall visual effects, the full implementation of the model production parts and links in the production details, During the model production, the person in charge of the real estate company needs to keep in touch with the model company manager, grasp the overall production context, promptly and adjust all the problems encountered in the ancient building model making process, and ensure that the production process is moving towards the scheduled track.

Fourth, the acceptance of receipts.

After the ancient building model is completed, the person in charge of the real estate company needs to be accepted by the model company before delivery. After confirming the correctness, the model company will arrange the shipment and go with the vehicle installer The real estate company sales offices or exhibition hall installation, and told the real estate person in charge how to use and maintain the project model, after all the acceptance of delivery to leave.

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