Central intelligence control sand table model the future development trend

With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, people's ideas and appreciation level also greatly improved, sand table model is also toward the functional diversification, intelligence, art, human direction.

Central intelligence control sand table model refers to the software through the computer network system simulation business operations. Central intelligence control sand table model display content is wide, superb design techniques, display means advanced, the highest technological content and so on.

System functions:

1. The system to achieve the building demonstration and physical building sand table organic combination.

2. Central intelligence control sand table model use of touch screen, computer infrared, remote control and other advanced, simple, fast means of control.

3. Touch screen and the combination of traditional models produced by the combination of sound and light display.

4. The image, animation, commentary, music and other elements of a good blend together to multimedia interpretation as the main line, so that the design, performance renderings, three-dimensional simulation and solid models produce each other counterparts.

Central intelligence control sand table model is widely used in the field of urban planning and design, and is used to show the blueprint of planning,also widely used in environmental management, architectural design, engineering change, agricultural planning, real estate design and other fields, to show its unique location characteristics.

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